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kvetchurstalin's Journal

Karin Michelle Stewart-Baxter
8 June 1984
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a perfect circle, alanis morrisette, alice in chains, ani difranco, appleseed cast, art, at the drive in, audioslave, autolux, azure ray, bebo norman, beck, ben folds, ben kweller, bjork, black crowes, blindside, blonde redhead, blondie, blur, brandi carlile, bright eyes, bukowski, bush, carina round, chris cornell, coffee and cigarettes, coldplay (old stuff), colin hay, cool hand luke, cooper temple clause, counting crows, cursive, damien rice, daniel johns, denison witmer, ed harcourt, eisley, electric six, elliott smith, fall, fiona apple, foo fighters, friends, frou frou, head automatica, hole, holly conlan, hot hot heat, hot snakes, imogen heap, iron & wine, jay z, jet, jimi hendrix, john steinbeck, johnny cash, jolie holland, justin timberlake, kiss kiss bang bang, le tirgre, led zeppelin, louden wainwright iii, louis xiv, marcy playground, marshmallow coast, martha wainwright, matt caplan, mewithoutyou, mindy smith, murder by death, muse, music, nancy sinatra, neutral milk hotel, neva denova, nick drake, nine inch nails, nirvana, of montreal, ok go, over the rhine, photography, piano, pink floyd, pixies, qotsa, queen, radiohead, rage against the machine, rem, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, saosin, saves the day, say anything, sewing, shopgirl, silverchair, silversun pickups, simon and garfunkel, smashing pumpkins, soundgarden, span, spooning, stone temple pilots, system of a down, taking walks, taoism, teddy thompson, tegan and sara, tenacious d, the beatles, the blood brothers, the ditty bops, the doors, the exies, the faint, the fire theft, the kinks, the mars volta, the shins, the stone roses, the toadies, the white stripes, tom petty, tool, tori amos, tree by leaf, veda, wired all wrong, writing.